Rainbow over Sedona

The magic lives!

I had no idea in 1994 that Tai Chi Alchemy in Sedona would still be a “thing” in 2022. What started as a wild notion to get a bunch of Taiji people together in the wilds of the Arizona desert to share explorations into the internal martial arts has survived the many ups and downs, and bumps and bruises, that the last 28 years had to offer.

Valarina Meets a friend

We’ve seen Sedona change from the tiny town at the outskirts of nowhere to an international tourist mecca (with the accompanying rising costs!). Yet, there is still magic to be found…if you know where to look.

View from the Birthing Cave

On Monday morning, the group hiked to The Birthing Cave, a site sacred to Native Americans, and one of the spots I visited on my introduction to Sedona. Each step leading to the cave feels alive, as if the whole valley is guarded by ancient spirits. (I learned years ago to step respectfully in these places when once we overstayed our welcome at the Shaman’s Cave and I was attacked by hornets!) The Birthing Cave itself is a bottomless pool of Yin Qi, and feels like a giant satellite dish receiving energy from across the valley. We were joined by our two youngest alchemists, 3-year olds, Ramona and Hokala, born minutes apart in opposite ends of the country. They cheerfully braved the steep climb and seemed right at home in the red rocks.

Hokala, Ramona, and TJ

Chenoa and praying mantis

Two qualities epitomize this group: love and curiosity. At its core, there is a pervading sense of unconditional love. Everyone is embraced exactly as they are, and the hugs flow freely. We are there to serve each others’ highest good. This provides a highly coherent foundation to explore the subtle mysteries that present themselves in such an energetically powerful setting. It is always a challenge for me to present information that will resonate for the entire spectrum of practitioners—from those just beginning their journey to grizzled veterans of decades of experience—but the magic of the red rocks elevates the conversation to give everyone just what they need. We all expanded our capacity to embody way more energy than is the norm and felt more comfort in doing that.

Rarely do we encounter rain in the high desert, but we got a good dose this year. It presented a fresh energy to play with, and it was welcomed. It brought us even closer, an opportunity for even greater intimacy in the energy exchanges. A favorite was the Edge exercise, including a new step: internally receiving ever increasing energy from your partner while maintaining your position in a relaxed way. Transformative. 

Chelsea and Ethan

Tai Chi Alchemy continues to provide a safe space to explore “What else is possible?” It is a pop-up Brigadoon where our personal armor can be parked at the door to free us to Meet with our whole being and feel the joy and wonder of participating in this crazy business of being human. We each have the potential to be coherence-exporting systems, and together we amplify that a thousandfold.

Many thanks to all who support the TCA adventure in any way you can. We realize that it is not possible for everyone to participate directly each year, but we are grateful for each of you.

TCA 2022