Lots going on right now. Here are a few highlights:

Tai Chi Alchemy XVII in Sedona, Arizona. There is still room, but you have to act fast! It begins next Friday, Sept 16 runs through Sunday afternoon. $450 covers the seminars as well as room and food. We’ve got a great group coming. Just let me know you’re coming and pay at the door.

Love or Fear Seminar at NY Open Center. It is an honor to be asked to return to the prestigious New York Open Center in midtown Manhattan. Saturday, October 22 10 am-1pm. This is the foundation of my “Love-Based Martial Arts”.

Seminar at Peaceful Wolf T’ai Chi, East Haddam, CT.  October 30, 10am-4pm. “Love-Based Martial Arts”. Contact Sifu David Shaver davidtai@nullpeacefulwolftaichi.com

TAIJIQUAN: THROUGH THE WESTERN GATE IS NOW AVAILABLE AS AN E-BOOK! Great to have on your IBook, Kindle, or computer. You can purchase from Amazon or wherever electronic books are sold.

I have been teaching Luoxuanzhang (“Spiral Mystery Palm”) in the 6:30 Wednesday class in Staten Island. Intermediate to advanced students only. This is one crazy internal art! It’s a synthesis of t’ai chi, xingyiquan, baguazhang, and yiquan. Spirals within spirals wrapped around a mystery. Delicious!