It’s an absolute pleasure to report that we’ve locked in dates for
Tai Chi Alchemy in Sedona: September 21-23.

I ‘m also happy to say we’ll be returning to beautiful Mago Garden.  Last year’s TCA was terrific and we’re hoping to build on the momentum.

If you have ideas about how to make TCA even better, please send them along.  It is your love and energy that feed the alchemy. 



Love or Fear seminar at New York Open Center
Friday February 24, 7-10pm.

I’m very excited about returning to the Open Center so soon.  Last fall’s seminar was sold out and some people couldn’t get in.  We’ve got a bigger space this time with lots of room to play!

I’ve been developing the core exercise of Love or Fear for many years.

It’s called THE EDGE, and it’s proving to be a powerful tool for transformation.  It was originally developed to cultivate high-level push hands skills, but turned out to be much more universal.  It re-wires the body/mind to override the fear-based reptile-brain reactions that trap us in undesirable behavior patterns. It’s fun, too.

And also very deep.  We’ve started all our push hands classes with this exercise for a couple years, and each time it offers up diamonds.  It’s not something you get by doing it once or twice.  It takes time and practice to undo decades of conditioning.  And the seminar is different with each group, since so much of what we do is interactive.
Make your reservations early.