About Rick Barrett’s Tai Chi Alchemy

“My passion is to contribute to the evolution of consciousness (personal and global) on this planet in whatever way I can. I try to empower all individuals who seek my assistance to better help themselves through body/mind/spirit integration. Each student and each client has his/her own unique assets and needs which must be recognized to fully engage the next step of their own personal journey.”

Rick Barrett is the author of two books and working on his third. Both are available for purchase on Amazon.

Taijiquan Through the Western Gate is ideal for those interested in understanding what’s actually going on when you do tai chi, touching on elemental concepts in a way accessible to those of us with a Western mindset. 

Finding You in a World of It is a “mental kung-fu” that helps you move from idea to action in the most effective way. It provides a detailed map to get you out of your head and fully into to the game. No knowledge of tai chi required.

With Master Yang at Daoist temple


Rick Barrett teaches t’ai chi ch’uan, ch’i gung, xingyiquan, and push hands in NYC and in seminars all over the country. Rick has benefitted greatly from the generosity of many wonderful teachers for the forty-plus years he has been studying and teaching. He learned t’ai chi ch’uan from Grandmaster William C. C. Chen. From Master Fukui Yang he learned xingyiquan, yiquan, and luoxuanzhang.

As a curious, lifelong learner, Rick has been exploring the depths of tai chi and been transformed in the process. He developed a passion for being able to articulate and transmit his discoveries to others. His approach is experiential, and he often says “don’t believe it because I said so, but because you have tried it and it works”.

Workshop participants are delighted with his generous, caring approach and are often astounded to feel the change in their own being from working with him. 

If you are interested in studying with him, check our events page for what is currently available. If you want to sponsor a workshop in your area, contact us directly.


An engaging speaker, Rick has given talks and presentations at the Society for Consciousness Research, The Open Center in NY, on podcast interviews, and most recently at the Deep Flow Conference online. 

He prefers demonstrating with audience members rather than slide shows and welcomes questions and discussion of the topic. He has spoken about consciousness, stress reduction, meditation, martial arts and body/mind/spirit integration. 

If you are interested in having him speak to your group, contact us directly.

John Beaulieu has been his primary influence in energy healing, studying intensively with him for several years. Under the umbrella of Polarity Therapy, he integrates craniosacral balancing, myofascial restructuring, Biosonic Repatterning, and integral life mentoring. The internal martial arts support his healing practice and vice versa.

Healing sessions are by appointment. If that is your interest, please contact us at info@nullrickbarrett.net.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust
The thing that really makes my heart flutter is coming upon something I’ve seen or done a thousand times and suddenly experiencing it as if FOR THE FIRST TIME. In that moment it is I who have been transformed. And with my “new eyes,” the thing being experienced transforms as well. It is this wonder and excitement of endless discovery that I want to share with people. “What ELSE is possible?” is my battle-cry. Each new treasure unearthed whispers of other riches hidden in plain sight. 
I started studying taijiquan around age 30. After three decades of driving my body like a rented mule, it finally occurred to me that body, mind, and spirit are all in this game together. Maybe things would be better if they all supported each other? What better place to start a quest for the Golden Fleece than right there in their integration? Taijiquan is one of the best tools I have found for exploring unknown worlds internal and external, and it serves to complement my other interests: other internal martial arts, qigong, energy medicine, consciousness research, and music.
Forty years later, I have come to realize that eternal curiosity IS the Golden Fleece. And swapping insights with fellow psychonauts seems to be a really swell way to enjoy life. The crumbs of insight that I share are not the final word on anything. Hopefully, they will help others set up a base camp for ascending their own personal mountain.