Training Intention

Learning to make a clean intention takes practice. It is a skill that does not come easily for everyone. If you don’t exercise your power of intention throughout the year, you may not be in shape to make it stick on January 1. It’s like entering that 5K race after spending the year eating Cheetohs on the couch.

27th Annual Tai Chi Alchemy in Sedona

Tai Chi Alchemy continues to provide a safe space to explore “What else is possible?” It is a pop-up Brigadoon where our personal armor can be parked at the door to free us to Meet with our whole being and feel the joy and wonder of participating in this crazy business of being human.

An Jin: The “Push of No Push,” Part 1

My teacher, Grandmaster William C. C. Chen, would often speak of the “punch of no punch” and the “push of no push.” It was his ironic way of saying that the power of the punch or push didn’t come from crude muscular force. What made it work didn’t translate...