Stress. Gongfu. Shen.

We each have opportunities to extend beyond our comfort zone and explore what else is possible for us. It doesn’t have to be on the big stage. Without stress there is no growth. We get to choose how much Shen we welcome into our lives. 

Wu Wei and Wei Wu Wei in Taijiquan Practice

Wu Wei and Wei Wu Wei in Taijiquan Practice   When your body is not aligned [形不正], The inner power will not come. When you are not tranquil within [中不靜], Your mind will not be well ordered. Align your body, assist the inner power [正形攝德], Then it will gradually come on...

Wu Xing (Five Elements) Meditation

The guiding principle of this meditation is the maxim, “The Yi (wisdom mind, intention) leads the Qi. The Qi leads the blood.” That is, when calm and clear attention and intention are brought to part of the body, the Qi is led there.