Annual Chinese Scholars Garden Event June 27
with Rick Barrett and Stephe Watson

We’re doing the annual Chinese Scholars Garden Event a little later this year in hopes of catching some better weather. We’re set for June 27, rain or shine. We’ll meet at the lawn before the stage at Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

Seminars will begin at 10:30am, so try to get there a bit earlier. Those coming from Manhattan can catch the 9:30 ferry and I’ll pick you up at 10. (Next boat is 10:30 so try to get this one).

Latecomers can grab a taxi.Seminars til lunch at 12:30. Seminars again from 2pm til 4. Then Stephe leads us on a guided tour of the remarkable New York Chinese Scholars Garden. Stephe’s tours are as entertaining as they are informative.

Then it’s off to Chinatown for an epic feast at 7pm.

Cost: $108 includes dinner. $85 without dinner. Lunch is $10, free if you pay in advance.

You can use PayPal at

I hope you can join us for an amazing day of t’ai chi, push hands, qigong, laughter, and fine dining.

Contact info below. Check out the website for more info.

Rick Barrett
Author of Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate