Reaching and feeling elbows enhances the power of any posture


I received the following from energy healer Daniel Kalatsky after reading Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate. I appreciate his insights and want to share:

Your book has been amazing.  Deepest gratitude to you. You have opened new doorways of awareness that are breathtaking. The awareness of the connective tissue and its function physically as well as its energetic mirror  are invaluable to any bodyworker. It also conveys a deep universal truth of Trust. The connective tissue represents physical unity. It cradles every aspect of our bodies. When we enter conflict(mental/emotional/spiritual) and build organ/muscle/bony tension, the energies of those structures pull against the connective tissue. There is a lack of trust between the tissues. The consciousness of the organ no longer trusts the support of the connective tissue and begins to assert a separation between itself and its unifying force. When feeling the schism that forms between the two one can guide the tissues back together with a gentle trusting energy projected to the dissonant vibration and it instantly returns to its original form.

Thank you Daniel.