Rick Barrett’s Tai Chi Alchemy


Why contact us?


If you have a question for Rick about any of his writings or teachings, you can email rick@nullrickbarrett.net

If you want to know about events, online classes or would like to schedule a workshop or talk in your area, email info@nullrickbarrett.net

If you are having difficulty with the website or access to classes, or any tech issues, email support@nullrickbarrett.net 




Who is “Us”?

“Us” is Rick and Maria.



Maria Barrett

Maria Barrett

Support Staff

Some of you know me from workshops or newsletters. I’ve been at Rick’s side for about 40 years now, having a front row seat to all of his explorations and some of his adventures. I am the behind-the-scenes person handling the back end of his online classes, his facebook page and website, and reminding him to respond to inquiries that I can’t handle myself. Always happy to help.