Where: Clay Pit Pond Park, Staten Island
When: April 19, 11am-4pm

Dragon, Condor, and (Platypus) is where Tom Delacy, Stephe Watson, and I get together in the springtime to share stuff from Chinese martial arts, indigenous shamanic practices, and things that defy categorization. This year we bring it to beautiful Clay Pit Pond Park in Staten Island. (You won’t believe this gem exists within the confines of NYC!)

“Tending the Fire Within” : How do we access the internal resources to meet the challenges of our lives with compassion, courage, and authenticity? How can we live fully and honestly and passionately? We three have found tools in our martial arts and energy practices that allow us to enthusiastically embrace our journeys and nothing pleases us more than sharing the fruits of our explorations.

Tommy’s going to do “Fu Jow Pai: The Tiger’s Path”. Things get real in a hurry in law enforcement, and he wants tools he can depend on. The tiger energy of Fu Jow Pai gets him there fast. For those of us who don’t face the dangers he does, it awakens the courage, focus, and resourcefulness to move out of our doldrums and into effective action.

Stephe presents “Campfire & Kettle”. “The campfire invites us in, draws us near while warning off the night’s hidden intruders. It exists as both beacon and warning.The kettle is where we cook, commingle, and alchemize. The kettle’s placement near the fire is delicate, dangerous, necessary, and redemptive. Martial applications, mental re-framing, meditation, and a spritz of woo-woo.”

And I am looking forward to sharing “Boom. Meet. Fill: Three Steps to Instant Power.” This is some jaw-dropping stuff. “Boom. Meet. Fill.” provides a dependable way to transform a vulnerable position into a powerful one-instantly. Here’s a photo of Maria demonstrating it at my book-signing party last November:


Maria demonstrates rooting.

It’s not just a way to remain rooted while two large people are pushing on you, though. Our effectiveness in any endeavor derives from our ability to occupy space and time and to Meet life on its own terms.

Transformative stuff!


Register by April 15 and it’s $90. After that, it’s $108. You can pay by PayPal or check to Rick Barrett. Send to POB 141207, Staten Island, NY 10314.

Bring a snack. We’ll take a short break at 1:30. We’ll provide coffee, tea, and water. (And perhaps bagels.) Afterwards we’ll go to Cafe Alors on Richmond Road for food and drink (optional and not included).  Conviviality and bonhomie are included.

For those coming from Manhattan, you will want to grab the 10am ferry. That gets you into St. George at 10:30. Please let me know in advance (I will need to arrange drivers.) if you need a lift from the ferry. If you miss that boat, you can take a taxi. (To clarify, this is NOT the Scholars Garden. Clay Pit Pond Park is at the south shore.) It is not accessible by public transportation.

For those driving, here the google map version: Clay Pit Pond Park. 
Contact me if you have any questions. This one will be special!