My clients are frequently at a loss about what to tell their friends after a session.  They know they went through something special and want to share, but words often fail. I’ve been struggling with this myself for many years, with limited success.

The trouble is that the really cool part is ineffable.  It’s easier to focus on the effects.  Clients experience very tangible results–some quite dramatic.  Chronic headaches disappear.  Fibromyalgia symptoms.  Irritable bowel.  Sciatic pain.  Back and neck problems.  Past traumas.  Emotional upsets.  The list goes on.

This type of healing empowers our own inner healer, and that manifests according to the needs of the individual.  “All healing is self-healing.”  My job is to help that along.

The really cool part (in my opinion) isn’t about symptomatic relief.  It’s the shedding of all the noise that separates us from our authentic Self.

Decades of representational thinking can get us stuck “in our heads.”  We forget what it feels like to be in the present moment, resulting in energetic non-coherence.  (Or non-coherence takes us out of the present moment.  Works both ways.)  As we peel away the layers we move toward resonance with WHAT IS.  NOW.  TRUTH. TAO. We can enter a prolonged non-dual (“not-two”) state of consciousness.  Take a vacation from the limitations of space/time. Return to the Center of our Being.

But “The Tao that can be named is not the abiding Tao.” When we start to talk about it, it becomes another IT.  Verbal descriptions can’t begin to convey what that feels like.

I have observed, however, that the more often you go there the easier it is to go there.

And it helps out with all those other symptoms too.