Two things on my mind right now: Finding You in a World of It and TCA’s twentieth anniversary in Sedona. And they are on a collision course for September 19-21! That’s right, we’re releasing Finding You at TCA!

The book is finished and at the publisher. (Beatrice did a wonderful job copy editing!) Micaela is finishing the illustrations and cover art. And I’m all a-twitter. Western Gate was written primarily for us taiji geeks who want to know what is going on with this strange martial art we spend so much time practicing. This one is for anyone and everyone interested in better relationships, peak performance, and heightened spiritual awareness.

And Tai Chi Alchemy this year is going to be amazing! Maria, Micaela, and I will be getting into Sedona on Wednesday to meet up with other early arrivals. The unstructured schedule Wednesday and Thursday is great opportunity to relax in the jacuzzi, do a little hiking, and eat-drink-and be merry with some of the finest human beings I have ever met.

Most people will be staying at the Sky Ranch Lodge for days when we are not at Mago Garden (Fri and Sat nights). If you haven’t reserved a room yet, please do so soon. Their website might say they are full, but if you call them direct you can probably find a room at the inn.

(Andrew Hahn) performed his first kirtan at TCA many years ago, and he’ll be doing a very special performance Thursday evening.

Fresh from his triumphant gig at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC, the rebbe is all set to release his new CD, nondual (hopefully by TCA time!).

Friday am we are still off the clock until we meet for breakfast at “The Field” restaurant around 11 am. People will be arriving from all over. At 1pm, there will be an optional hike to one of my favorite spots since I first visited Sedona. It’s the ridge above the “Birthing Cave”. Many of you participated in the epic shamanic experience at the Birthing Cave last year. The Cave is the most yin, most feminine spot I know. The ridge above it has a euphoric, expansive energy and the views are really spectacular. It’s a pretty gentle hike for the most part and the payoff is huge.


Around 4, we head out to Mago Garden to register and settle in. Dinner is 6-7, and we’ll meet for our Opening Circle at 7:30. We wrap up the evening session at 10pm. We are asked to maintain a respectful silence after 10pm. We are welcome to use the hot tub and pool til midnight, keeping in mind that sound carries in the desert night. That’s just Friday, folks, and we’re just getting started.


Come Saturday and things take on a fluid, organic quality. We learned long ago not to overplan, and that lesson is visited upon us regularly…lest we forget. So we organize around meals, and since they are at fixed times, it gives us enough structure to work with.

There is an optional pre-breakfast session between 7 and 8. Qigong, movement, taijiquan and other martial arts. Get up a little earlier and watch the sun rise over the desert.


Morning session is 9-11:30. Lunch is 12-1. We generally go in 20-30 minute segments, to keep things fresh and flowing. We have lots of talented teachers eager to share stuff they’re enthusiastic about. Minds are blown routinely. The emphasis is on cool stuff that you can experience and use, but all the while reaching out into the woo-woo. One thing I plan to share is an easy way to vibrate you qi. This is terrific for energy healing, martial arts, and optimal performance of all kinds.

Afternoon session is 3-5:30. Lots of time after lunch to nap, wander around the 150 acres, visit the Meditation Pond or the horses, or to play push hands or badminton or…

More cool stuff in the afternoon. Dinner is 6-7. Evening session is 7:30-10, and our focus is on energy healing. We slow it down and use the group energy to do some amazing stuff. It’s different each year.

It’s quiet time after 10, but you can still use the pool and hot tub. A great way to kick back before hitting the sack. You will have company.

Sunday am.

Another early, pre-breakfast workout for the early risers. (I find that I need much less sleep at TCA to feel great.)


Morning session is 9-11:30. Clear out rooms before lunch so they be cleaned.


Afternoon is 1-3. Martial arts demonstrations. (Let me know if you have something you would like to share. Keep it short. 2-3 minutes. Just a taste.) Then we gather for a closing circle and head back into Sedona.

If you can swing it, try to stay Sunday night in Sedona. We meet up at 7 for a feast and merriment. Award winning poet Linda Addison hosts TCA’s annual poetry reading, where all are encouraged to share their original creations with the group. It’s always a treat to hear people read their stuff. (Congratulations Linda on your Fourth!!! Bram Stoker Award for Poetry!!!!)

Ok. That gives the framework for the weekend. It doesn’t begin to tell the real story, though. So much experience, and inspiration, and love gets packed into such a short period that it’s impossible to talk about. It only happens if you’re there for the event. I hope you’ll join us.