Rick taught me more about harnessing my inner energy in 20 minutes than martial arts had taught me about expending it in 20 years. Taking advantage of Rick’s decades of insightful and inventive study helps me to be healthier and more powerful with every class.

Ric Meyers

Author, Santa

Learning from Rick Barrett’s books, videos and retreats continue to feed my soul, mind and body. Anyone, no matter what age or level of experience, will gain insight and serenity from any of his teachings.

Linda D. Addison

award-winning author of “How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend”

I have been practicing and teaching taijiquan for 42 years. Twenty six years ago I started studying with Rick Barrett. I am constantly inspired, challenged and strengthened by his understanding of forms: the physical,  mental, spirtual aspects and energy flow. To me, it doesn’t matter what level you are in your practice, anyone will benefit from his teachings.

Valarie Prince Gabel

I have experienced Rick and Maria’s teaching to be affirming and full of revelations. Their understanding of Taiji and Gungfu, and the corresponding interactions of body mechanics, energy flow and psychology leave me feeling more free, happier, and stronger in body, mind and spirit without fail every time I have attended a class. I have also received several craniosacral treatments from Rick, which have in some cases dramatically changed my energetic state and experience of life for the better.
I have had the blessing of being able to attend Tai Chi Alchemy in Sedona for 15 years, where a loving community of people from all over the country gather to practice, commune with nature, hug and laugh. Rick and Maria always gift us with amazing new insights, and other skilled teachers offer their Taji and other martial and healing arts. I am not exaggerating: this event has changed my life. It helped me to overcome many fears, to see that miracles are possible, and to discover an extended family of loving, accepting fellow practitioners, healers and spiritual seekers.
Chenoa Siegenthaler

Rick’s presentation of Tai Chi principles had a profound impact on my understanding of my primary area of martial arts study in Pencak Silat.

Mike Casto

Penkat Silat Instructor

Rick’s teachings on reaching, grounding, and being present are principles I now carry with me in my every day life. The methods I’ve learned in his classes have become an instant means of stress relief to tap into, and have even improved my focus and performance in snowboarding and other sports.

Deanna Kei

Fashion and Beauty Illustrator

Rick’s Tai Chi work is very high level. I’ve adapted his teachings and specifically the finger pointing into my Hung Ga training and it has helped tremendously. Also improved my golf game.

Stanley Vysocky