Connecticut, that is.

Edge of Light
Sculpture by Renee Rhodes

Renee Rhodes, sculptor and clinical psychologist, is the living embodiment of Finding You in a World of it. She meets EVERYONE!

What an absolute joy! Check out her amazing sculptures.

Renee lives on a heavily wooded 11 acres that abuts another thousand acres of state forest. It’s breathtaking. Her sculptures appear like fairies amidst the trees and rocks and streams. So Dr. Rhodes invited 40 or so colleagues and friends for a “Forest Summit” on the subject of healing, and asked Dr. Nancy Reuben and myself to address this group.

But let’s let Renee tell the story:

At the “Forest Summit.” this past weekend Rick Barrett and Nancy Reuben joined together to transmit and teach to a gathering of healers, spiritual teachers, community activists and visionary artists. It was a sacred dance where people gather in the service of others and their way is made clear by divine energy.

Nancy Reuben, M.D. and martial artist/energy healer Rick Barrett taught to a packed house of professionals from the healing community: doctors, ER nurses, Clinical Social Workers, APRNs, Psychologists, Prison Psychiatrists, Marriage and Family Counselors, Holistic Health practitioners, Barbara Brennan Energy healers, lawyers, Shamans, Yoga teachers, and Tai Chi teachers.

The purpose of the day was to realign ourselves with our highest purpose in service.

Words do not really capture what occurred because there were so many dimensions at play and so many time realms intersecting. It was a transformative event, amazingly electric, inspiring , and full of joy for all.

Rick and Nancy offered themselves up and lit up the day. They generated such a high level of consciousness and love that all who attended left transformed and aligned with their highest purpose.

Nancy and Rick represent the pinnacle of West meets East. Trained at Harvard Medical School, Nancy practiced as a Doctor in NYC hospitals working with Aids patients before assuming the directorship of Student Health at SUNY in Purchase, New York. She then became an adept energy healer. Her program was aimed at revitalizing everyone’s connection with the divine source of energy and aligning with their highest possible consciousness.

This led perfectly into Rick’s teachings on spiritual scientific and philosophical truths from his experience as a thinker and a martial arts master. He drew upon both his books: Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate and his just-released Finding You in a World of It.

Rick gave a tour de force, teaching in his characteristic Rick-Genious way: weaving science, philosophy, and the ancient internal martial arts. It was all delivered with a rare humor that delighted and intrigued everyone.


Joy! Pure joy! Rick has a way of explaining complex truths in a seductively hysterically funny way. You can’t help but understand him—whatever your preconceived notions. A beautiful “get out of (mental) jail free card.”

Both Nancy and Rick reminded everyone of the true source if their healing power. They helped deconstruct some of the barriers we all face in authentic encounters with both ourselves and with our patients. Nancy was gentle, brilliant and reassuring. She mapped the way back to reconnecting with universal consciousness and how we can apply these teachings both to our patients and ourselves.

The fun part was the audible gasps as people began to “get ” what Nancy and Rick were teaching. Both of them brought all these doctors and nurses and healers back to their heart and the home of their own enlightenment; A delightful and beautiful group experience where enlightening material was delivered with genius and love by both Nancy and Rick.

Thank you, Renee, for the opportunity to meet and share with such a distinguished and caring group. It was truly a memorable event.


Next up: Sunday, November 2 I will be at Sifu David Shaver’s Peaceful Wolf T’ai Chi in East Haddam, CT. This is an all-day seminar and we’ll go deep. But there will also be an adult dose of love and laughter. (Why do anything without love and laughter?) This one is SOLD OUT, but put your name on the list and maybe David can find a spot for you.