Finding You in a World of It

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In the “World of It,” everything is reduced to information, including you. The It-trance trains us to wander through the hall of mirrors of our thoughts, completely unaware of the exquisite gardens on the other side of that cold glass. Everything and everyone becomes an object, including ourselves: abstracted, quantified, labeled, and reduced to categories. The It-world can be a hollow, lonely, dangerous place when it is all that you know.
Finding You in a World of It offers a surprisingly simple way to awaken from that gray, shadowy dream to exhilarating possibilities of authentic encounter. The You we meet there is not just another object among objects, but a co-creator in a vibrant world. It is like the difference between watching pornography and actually making love.
When you resonate with another with your whole being, soul to soul, you open to energy and information that is unavailable to the It-mind. You leave the safe harbor of objectivity to explore the sea of infinite possibilities. The You that is encountered there is beyond all form and limit, the Eternal You, where Martin Buber says, “God is the electricity that runs between us.” The mind clears. Fear and anxiety disappear. And you become exuberantly present for the exquisite Mystery that is your life.
Finding You in a World of It provides a detailed map to get you out of your head and fully into the game. This practice is a powerful means to move from idea to action in the most effective way, helping you to:
  • Overcome fear and anxiety
  • Calm and clear your mind with “Instant Meditation”
  • Achieve peak performance in sports, martial arts, work, music, dance, public speaking, and more
  • Deepen and strengthen relationships of all kinds
  • Feel truly and exuberantly ALIVE!

Here is what some people are saying about “finding You”

This is some life-changing stuff, and it applies to everything. Rick Barrett breaks it down…so effortless and simple as to appear magical. This is the truth, and the truth shall set you free.–Popa Chubby, “King of the New York Blues”

Joy! Pure joy! Rick has a way of explaining complex truths in a seductively hysterically funny way. You can’t help but understand him—whatever your preconceived notions. A beautiful “get out of (mental) jail free card.”
Dr. Renee Rhodes, Sculptor & Clinical Psychologist

I’ve found this book easy to connect with and read. Barrett has done a wonderful job of explaining what could be complicated concepts in everyday terms. I start each day reading a chapter. There are exercises that help me incorporate the concepts in my life the way I need them. This is an invaluable book for anyone looking to find their authentic self.
Linda Addison, Writer, Poet, and Four-Time Bram Stoker Award Winner



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