Here is a little clip I filmed during our most recent Tai Chi Alchemy workshop in Sedona, Arizona. Guru Mike Casto demonstrates a short, daily sequence that helps reduce the chance of injuries in your own practice, whatever it may be.

This is what he has to say about it:

The warm up “Strain Prevention” program I shared that everyone loved is from a man named Scott Sonnon. You can find his page at

I met him at an event in 2000 and was very impressed with him both as a person and with what he taught. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to talk to him several times in person and on Facebook and he continues to impress me.

Since I got such good feedback related to the Strain Prevention exercises I shared I asked him if I could share more or if he had any recommendations that I could share.

He encouraged me to share this link with you guys: I’ve glanced at Recuper8 and it seems to be an expansion on the Strain Prevention set I shared. Scott designed it specifically to help law enforcement, fire fighters, military, etc. people that he was working with.

It’s designed to help people work through damage they have already done to their bodies and help them regain mobility and minimize pain and enable them to do their jobs and live their lives in a healthier way.

He also said that if you want more to visit

These websites are written in very “marketing oriented” language – I’m guessing he has a copy writer who does that – but the material is excellent and, having met Scott in person several times, I can say with some confidence that Scott really knows his stuff, is a good teacher, and has a big heart and a lot of compassion for his fellow man.