Very exciting news! Dr. John Beaulieu has just released an incredible new book called Human Tuning. I have only read a few chapters so far, but I’m excited and could’t wait to share!

I met John in the early 90s at a “sound healers colloquium” in New England. I went to his seminar not knowing what to expect. The paradigm I was driving at the time was like an old Chevy and I happily left after his talk in a new BMW.

He wove together insights gleaned from decades of research into psychology, music, naturopathy, meditation, martial arts, alchemy, astrology, Polarity Therapy, etc. with practical, demonstrable exercises. His insatiable curiosity had taken him around the world to study with amazing teachers and healers and his open-hearted generosity led him to share it with anyone drawn to his tent.

John is a naturopath, mental health counselor, composer, accomplished pianist, martial artist, energy healer, and raconteur of the highest order. A renaissance man, not a jack of all trades.

That introduction led me to study energy healing with him at his home in Stone Ridge for a number of years. A group would meet for a weekend once a month at his 4,000 square foot log cabin in the woods near Woodstock to learn Polarity.

Most of us were experienced energy healers and teachers already, and were drawn to John’s comprehensive vision and vast experience. I really resonated with the yang of his bold explorations into the terra incognita of really woo-woo material with the yin of his Hoosier “Show Me” empiricism. Carl Jung meets quantum physics meets medieval alchemy meets chaos theory…you get the picture. We learned tons of practical workable healing techniques and practiced on each other exhaustively. It was an amazing learning experience.

Human Tuning articulates some of the essential parts of his vision in a coherent readable way and presents a simple, effective way to implement using tuning forks. Tuning forks have been a staple of my healing sessions for a long time, but this book takes my understanding to a whole new level. An important section describes the effect of tuning on nitric oxide release at the cellular level. Dr. Beaulieu collaborated with scientists to publish research in “Medical Science Monitor”.

On page 55 he writes:

Research suggests that vibration transferred to neuronal, endothelial, and immune cells through tuning forks stimulates nitric oxide, and sets off a cascading of physiological events which directly influences our health, well-being, state of mind, and consciousness. By understanding nitric oxide, we can establish a scientific link between molecular science, medicine, and sound healing.

The book is loaded with lots of great techniques for using tuning forks and tips for selecting which to use. Great for novices and veterans alike.

John Beaulieu is clearly in the avant garde of healing research and theory. His vision takes us boldly in the direction of health creation and away from dependence on harmful chemicals. He empowers every person to become the primary force in their own healing.

He will be teaching in a sound healers training program at the New York Open Center this year. If there is any way you can attend a class or lecture grab the opportunity. You won’t regret it!