Many thanks to all who attended last week’s Love or Fear seminar at NYOC.  We had a full house (they had to find more chairs) and it was an enthusiastic group.  Each one of these seminars is different because each group brings their own experiences and concerns.  We would like to get enough people familiar with the Level 1 concepts to get a solid group for Level 2.  We’ve been pushing the envelope at the Wednesday class in Staten Island and there’s a ton more to share in Level 2.  Keep coming to the Level 1 seminars though.  There’s a bunch more to be gotten there.


Linda does it again!

Congratulations to poet/novelist Linda Addison (the woman with the dragon tattoo)!  Longtime Alchemist, Linda is a Finalist for a Bram Stoker Award in Poetry for her wonderful book, How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend.  Linda has already won two of these prestigious awards for previous works.  To be even considered is a huge honor.  Linda makes it look easy. (It’s not!)

Eagle Owl Gongfu!

Check out this cool video of an eagle owl flying toward a camera. Amazing!  It really captures the spirit of high level martial arts.