Reaching and feeling elbows enhances the power of any posture

It’s time for the next installment in my “Love or Fear: Toward a Love-based Martial Art” series at the NY Open Center, this Friday, October 19 7-10 pm.

Those of you who caught any of the earlier seminars know how powerful, exciting, and fun this material is. Most important, it is broadly applicable in all facets of life.

As always, the relaxed, open format of these seminars provides ample opportunity to examine the hoary cliches and truisms of martial arts, philosophy, and spirituality in the the light of radical empiricism. It always comes back to “Does it work? Does is it do what it purports? Can it be demonstrated in a coherent way?”

In this one we take it a step beyond The Edge. Yes, The Edge is still part of the program, but only half. The other half will include lots of other cool stuff, including the perception-shifting concept of The Meeting.

This is where we actually feel the power of encountering someone (or some thing) in a non-objective state of consciousness. Sound a little trippy, a bit woo-woo? Yeah, it is. But it is also grounded in reasonable explanations. And once you get the hang of it…

Then there’s something we’ve been calling “There Are No Lost Positions.” You know how when you feel overwhelmed the ole reptile brain takes over and you get lost in befuddlement? Well, this exercise starts there and shows you the way out. No matter how bad things may look in the moment, there is always a way to improve matters–but you have to start with YOU.

Special Treat: Micaela has agreed to share a bit of her “T’ai Chi Tango” with us. She introduced it at TCA in Sedona and it was a huge hit. You really get to feel the breadth of application of the “Love-based Martial Art” when The Meeting hits the dance floor.

Lots more stuff if time permits. Don’t miss this chapter in the “Love or Fear” story. Our explorations keep getting deeper, and who knows what we’ll be up to next time!

Rick Barrett