The recent Love or Fear seminar at the New York Open Center was a terrific success.  It was a packed room and unfortunately some people had to be turned away.  We squeezed in as many as we could and the NYOC wants to schedule another one in Feb or Mar.  I’ll keep you posted.

Many thanks to all of you who helped make it happen. Your enthusiastic word of mouth provides the energy that makes it special. The material in this particular series is so rich that it comes out quite new and fresh each time. We were fortunate to have many creative, artistic people at this one and that added another dimension. Several people said it was a life-changing, transformative event.

One of them was writer Akoshia Yoba, who blogs for the Huffington Post. She posted her experience of the seminar:  Love or Fear: Playing on the Edge

The following is an excerpt:

As life would have it, that very evening I was met with a barrage of hostile energy from someone close to me. Everything in me wanted to fight and push the “threat” away. Upon realizing I had reached my edge, I began working to expand it using the tools I learned from Rick. It was truly an amazing feat to access my center in the midst of this emotional firestorm.

I proactively met this energetic challenge with a new level of calmness. Rather than reacting from a place of “fear,” I took action grounded in the clear awareness of my personal power and conscious choice to operate from a spirit of oneness. The result was amazing as the volatility of the situation immediately and dramatically decreased.

While it was extremely challenging (oh yes, my ego did NOT take this lying down), I was determined to push past my previous energetic limitations to reestablish peace in my life. The techniques I learned gave me access to more of myself for the purpose of resolving a problem that had great potential to grow exponentially worse.

(My push hands students begin each class with The Edge exercise.

Each step can be a whole seminar lasting hours or a weekend. The one at the NYOC was three hours. This show will travel!)