Lots of cool stuff coming up. But here’s a head up for a couple of things that are right on the horizon.

This one is already here:

My new book,  Finding You in a World of It, is reviewed in the January edition of the prestigious  Journal of Chinese Martial Arts.

Editor Nick Scrima (who also runs the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Center in Clearwater, FL and heads International Chinese Martial Arts Championship) takes martial arts journalism to a whole new level in this consistently informative and entertaining journal. Recent articles include (my teacher) William C. C. Chen’s Essay on Breathing and Tom Vandegriff’s  Recollections of Zheng Manqing (Master Chen’s teacher). $35 per year gives you online access to a wide range of top-notch articles.

And…here’s a special free offer from JCMA:

Please use the link and code below for your free 30 day trial to the  Journal of Chinese Martial Arts. This code will provide full access to Journal of Chinese Martial Arts for 30 days:

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Radio Interview on Own Your Own Career with Rod Colon

Monday Feb 2 at 9:00 pm. (My segment airs at 9:23). I get to talk with business consultant Rod Colon about applications of Finding You in a World of It in the workplace. If you can’t make the broadcast tonight, you can always grab it in the On-demand Episodes. 

And then…

Breath of the Warrior

Tom and Rick at TCA

Sunday, Feb. 15 Noon to 2:30. Sifu Tom DeLacy and I will be teaching a seminar at Evergreen Community Club House at Amboy Road and Woodcutters Lane in Staten Island. (If you are coming by ferry from Manhattan, let me know and I’ll arrange transportation for you.)

This one will be geared toward cranking up martial energy…pronto.

Tommy has a diverse background in internal and external Chinese martial arts. I will introduce “Ten Posture of Power”: standing meditation postures that crank the juice up to “11”. They are from the Chinese internal arts of Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Taijiquan, Luoxuanzhang, and Yiquan. Monster Stuff! You won’t want to miss this one.