This is really exciting, people! You know that book I’ve been working on for a couple of years now?  Well…it’s is out and available on Amazon! I’ll get my first load of the little darlings by next weekend (Just in time for the sold out Dr. Renee Rhodes’ Forest Summit in Killingworth, CT next Saturday). If you want an autographed copy, you can order directly from me at ($20 includes postage.) Or get one on Amazon and I’ll sign it when next I see you.

finding You in a world of It is big. It breaks down the essence of my approach to healing, gongfu, love, and life.  It’s about “getting out of you head and into the game.” Participatory consciousness. How do we get there? By meeting each other…and all the “stuff” we encounter…with our whole being…as partners. When we do that, something profound and beautiful occurs: we awaken to our authentic selves. Martin Buber put it best, “When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.”

It is something I call meeting. In meeting, we effortlessly move between “thinking about” the world and its inhabitants, and relating to them with our whole being. I have been researching for decades to make it as simple and fun as possible. This book is the cleanest distillation yet. It’s not just a bunch of opinions and empty theorizing. This is stuff I have tested with thousands of people over the past fifteen years, and it gets better with age.

To get a taste, why not click on the “Look Inside!” button on the Amazon link and check out the “First Pages”? Here’s a snippet:

(From finding You in a world of It)

Where This Bus Is Heading

After thirty-plus years of exploring the paradoxical worlds of
Chinese internal martial arts and energy healing, I have learned to
translate and demonstrate much of what I have garnered for those
unwilling or unable to immerse themselves so deeply. I’d like to
share the fruits of my explorations with you. I hope you find them as
enlightening and life-changing as I have.

Come with me on an adventure to Find You in a World of It. The
view from there is quite spectacular. The You that we will encounter is
not just another person we happen to be speaking to. It is the Eternal
You that is beyond all form and limit, the You that awakens us to a world
that is alive and responsive. Finding You inspires and empowers us to
live and love and do things beyond our own self-imposed limits.

For the next few chapters I am going to lay the groundwork for
practices that can bring these results into your life. It is important to
recognize what I will be calling the “It-trance” and all the triggers
that make that trance seem so indispensible. There are broadly held
assumptions and patterns of thinking that stick us in the trance.

To even consider alternatives to the It-trance, we must unstick some
of those adhesions. Like flipping a delicate crêpe with a spatula, we
carefully disentangle the mental fusions a bit at a time until the mind is
free enough to consider other options.

And the alternatives are actually quite practical.

As a martial artist and energy healer, I am prejudiced in favor of those
practices that produce demonstrable, repeatable results. I like principles that are equally useful in neutralizing a punch to the nose, calming a rowdy class of fourth graders, and appreciating a Van Gogh painting or a Beethoven sonata.
*     *     *

Micaela is the mad genius behind the illustrations and the cover. She nailed it! Jonathan Bricklin sets the tone in the Foreward. Beatrice Aranow did a terrific job copy editing. I had a lot of help from many friends. Check out the Acknowledgments page. Thank you all!

Please give us a hand here. Buy a copy or three. The only thing that gets the attention of people and their servomechanisms is sales. That shows the world that someone thinks a book actually delivers the mail.
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