I just posted a short video of the “Preparation” move for Grandmaster Chen’s 60 Movements. It could actually be called “Preparation to the Preparation” since it is meant to be done before you actually start the form, and the first movement is actually called “Preparation”. It is designed to establish four indispensable things before starting your form:

Grandmaster William C. C. Chen

1. Song Kua
2. Central Equilibrium
3. Energetic Coherence
4. Field Amplification

It only takes seconds to execute this whole sequence and the effect is ginormous! It has been field-tested and is ready for primetime. And it stands on its own. Any time you need a quick boost, need to get rooted and coherent, just plug in. Boom!


After you’ve practiced this regularly, it just becomes part of how you are in the world. You expect to be rooted, centered, coherent, and full of qi!


Stan Wards off Dennis and Charles