I was excited to present this stuff to the Society for Consciousness Studies Conference at Yale. For many of you, this is what I have been saying and writing about for years, but it’s brand new to a non-martial artist group like this. Most of the presentations were Power Point lectures on rarified topics, delivered from an academic perspective.

What I wanted to do was to show how shifting states of consciousness in real time affects the physicality of those involved.

I needed some demonstrations that were big enough to be obvious to the audience. In Finding You in a World of It, I wrote how Meeting could be used to bend metal, giving the example of Fork Bending in Sedona. (One of my clients was so inspired by reading the book that he bent some forks on his own.)

Since my time was so short, I went with demonstrations where I could isolate the relevant principles and show how they affected the ability of a powerful person to utilize his strength. My gratitude to Nick Collins for his help in showing these ideas.

In this segment, I discuss the four steps to Meeting:

1. Wholeness (energetic coherence)

To Meet, you must encounter someone or something with your whole being. You must be in a state of wholeness…unity…coherence. Objectification of yourself disrupts that wholeness.

2. Mindfulness (“What game am I playing now?”)

Awareness of context is key to Meeting. You need to know what game you are playing…in this moment. This is an I-It function that establishes the framework of the encounter.

3. Presence (“Where am I now?” “Here I am.”)

How willing am I to occupy this space at this time? Choosing to BE is the most courageous act we can make. It is essential for all authentic activity.

4. Engagement (“Where are you now?” “Here you are.”)

Once I have a location in space and time, then I can reach out to others with my whole being. I go into resonance with them, and in the process I toggle between object-based consciousness and non-objective awareness.

I go into more detail in the book, of course, but this is the summary. And in the video you get to see how amazingly powerful a tool it can be.