People are Saying Nice Things About
Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate

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I read and studied Rick Barrett’s “Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate” with great curiosity and enthusiasm.
I believe that Rick’s book represents the cutting-edge of the Western contribution to the ancient art and science of taiji. He is embarking upon uncharted territory and his insights are taking taiji to the next level of discovery and sophistication. This gift certainly has the potential to benefit taiji practitioners in the East and the West as they begin to combine an ancient art form with cutting-edge developments in energy and consciousness research. I am eagerly awaiting Rick’s next contribution to the field.”
John E. Young, Ph.D. Professor of Management (Retired) University of New Mexico

Science at Play
Barrett’s intriguing, guiding insight is that there is a wall built between the underpinnings of Western thought and Asian promise. After decades researching & teaching, listening & learning, treating & competing with/through/for Taijiquan, Barrett has found the Gate through the Wall. His painstaking, joy-filled journey – hands feeling for a breach in the wall – has resulted in this profound work which finally illuminates the point of connection which has, however heralded remained in shadow. An indispensable guidebook for every martial artist, this groundbreaking work captures the joy of discovery, the depth of meaning and the wonder of Qi. Readers will return time and again to its pages for guidance, insight, and review. Destined to be passed among students and down from teacher to student in training halls and lecture halls for years to come, this instant-classic deconstructs the prior `understandings’ that have come both from imperfect translations and the inherent imperfection of words.
Stephen Watson (Connecticut)

I have been studying Martial arts for 5 years and energy work has always been a part of this.
This book has helped to reinforce some of the concepts already taught by my instuctors and it also helped clarify some of these ideas. In my opinon the greatest strength of this book is the clear simple language used.Mr Barrett’s exercises where so simple to do and explain to others that I used them in my own class to help teach our younger students.I also really enjoyed the fact that Mr Barrett has found a way through to science to help support what energy practitioners have known for decades that Chi is real and can be used.Through this book I think he dispells some of the myth surrounding Chi and the meridians. BUY THIS BOOK.!!
Chris Benjamin

Finally, a book that eases the Western Mind into Eastern thought! Bravo!
As a 20 + year practitioner of T’aijiquan and Internal related arts, I grew so tired from all the carbon copy “TAI CHI” books filled with fortune cookie philosophy and too many bad photos of bad tai chi, that I gave up on reading literature on the subject altogether, but no more…Mr. Barrett takes the reader on an enlightened path, allowing the Western trained mind to wrap the psyche, intellect and energy around an art that is growing worldwide in leaps and bounds. Sadly though, there are so few qualifed and insightful teachers that many miss the mark of this arts potential. Sifu Barrett, a long time Taiji Champion, judge, referee and masterful teacher, is like an oasis in a vast desert of mediocre teachers and phony self procalimed Masters. Witty, intelligent with easy to follow experiments to test his information, this book allows us to feel the very substance of Taijiquan. Read it and you will know exactly what I mean, novice or long time enthusiasts will gain insight. Thank you Rick !
Sifu Ray Abeyta/Texas School of Taiji and Healing

How can the insubstantial possibly overcome the substantial?
This book does a great job of clearly explaining many of the principles of tai chi and manages to avoid the mystical without losing the mystery. The author’s explanation of “tensegrity” alone is worth the price of admission. I’ve been seriously studying this eastern art for over 35 years, and this book is a real contribution to the field.
Steven Asherman

I have many Tai Chi and Qigong books in my personal library. Many are put in boxes never to be seen again. I have a handful that I keep to refer back to. This book fits in my hand nicely. A great book written extremely well. There have been other attempts at bridging the inner workings of Tai Chi and Qigong between the two cultures. This book is the Golden Gate. I recommend it to all practioners beginner to master. I found myself saying “WOW” just a few hundred times. Great job Mr. Barrett.
Joe Petrosi Hudson Valley T’ai Chi