Hello everyone! Micaela speaking. Rick and I have been talking a lot about Youtube lately. When they merged with Google a while back it left us with a split personality, one channel called Rick Barrett and the other called Taichialchemy.

We’ve been updating the RB account but not the TCA one, and starting today is a campaign to re-release all of our videos on one channel! We figured this would be a great opportunity to join in the fun of Throw Back Thursday (#TBT), a popular weekly meme for those prone to a side of nostalgia with their social media.

Starting off, here is a nicely produced video from last year to explain and promote Rick’s first book, Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate.

This is part of an ongoing campaign so if you’ve missed the previous #TBT posts,search “Throw Back Thursday”.

Enjoy, and please subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Enjoy the watch, share with your friends, and please support us by subscribing to our Rick Barrett channel on Youtube!

And make sure you stop in next week for another one.