June 16 at Someday Farm is the next chapter of our annual Scholars Garden seminars that began many years ago at the Chinese Scholars Garden in Staten Island. Stephe and I are excited to also welcome presentations this year from the amazing Maria Barrett. Our theme for this workshop is “Living in the Sweet Spot: Your Body and Wholeness.”

“Sweet Spots” are those points of body/mind/spirit integration that replenish our energy, calm our minds, and make our bodies smile. We’ve all had our moments, but what if we could bring them into our daily lives? When not in the Sweet Spot, we lose energy like a leaky boat, and have to bail to keep afloat. In the Sweet Spots, we tap into the Big Qi and replenish.

And what can I say about Stephe Watson? He has the power of an NFL linebacker and moves like a dancer.

He’s unbeatable in push hands and executes an aikido roll fluidly. He has insatiable curiosity and shares his discoveries with an open heart.

In addition to his vast knowledge of internal and external martial arts, Stephe shares his and Ritu’s exquisite sanctuary in rural Connecticut with us. You are transformed by entering this spiritual oasis. Come Saturday for the sweat lodge. Camping available at the Farm.

Someday Farm
272 Roast Meat Hill Road, Killingworth, CT 06419
Sunday, June 16, 10am-4pm
$108 (includes lunch)
Pre-registration is required through FarmingOurSomedays@nullgmail.com

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