You will not want to miss this opportunity!

Friday October 13-Sunday October 15, I will be teaching at Eastover Estate and Retreat with the amazing Master Yang Fukui and my good friend and long-time training partner, acupuncturist Abdi Assadi.


The seminar is Yang Style Teacher Training, and is open to anyone who wants to go deeper into their taijiquan practice. It’s not just for teachers, but information will be presented in a way that will allow you to share with others.

I had the good fortune to travel to China with Master Yang last year, and got to witness first-hand the profound respect he has in the martial arts community there.

Master Yang receiving award in Tainjin

It’s easily hidden behind his genial humility, but this guy embodies a high-level gongfu in many styles, internal and external, as well as a deep knowledge of Chinese medicine.

Abdi and I have been banging on each other for over thirty years, and he is an amazing martial artist as well as a world-class healer.

I hope you will join me with my two amazing friends for a weekend seminar you won’t forget.
Come to Eastover in October and feel the love!


Rick, Fukui, Abdi