Song Kua

There is still time to register for my seminar this Sunday at Peaceful Wolf T’ai Chi in East Haddam, CT, hosted by my good friend, Sifu David Shaver.

The main theme is Song Kwa: Awakening from the Trance, and I’m really excited about this stuff. It’s the biggest thing I’ve come up with since Energetic Coherence.

Come prepared for some big surprises.

Here’s what David wrote about it:

Subject: Rick Barrett Workshop

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I announce this year’s workshop with Rick Barrett: Song Kwa: Awakening from the Trance. Once again Rick brings us another break through. “You don’t have to practice taijiquan to benefit from this simple principle. Anyone who wants to be more present, grounded, balanced, relaxed, and physically powerful will get a huge boost from song kwa. It helps you to participate more confidently in the life you already live. “

Every workshop with Rick has taught us principles and practices which are simple and really work. This promises to be another one.

If you haven’t worked with Rick before I highly recommend that you come and spend a day you won’t regret.   Rick is a wonderful teacher, full of enthusiasm and humor and a great desire for you to “get” what he is presenting..

Come and join us November 1st!
David Shaver