I will be joining Sifu Tom DeLacy and Sifu Paula Wong of the Staten Island Shaolin Temple on Sunday July 14 (Bastille Day!) for a special event to benefit the children of Pinelejo, Santa Barbara, Honduras.

Tommy was born in Honduras, and helping the children there is a sacred trust for him. Besides his gongfu in Chinese martial arts, Tom is also an indigenous shaman and keeper of ancestral wisdom. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to work with him knows he is something special.

Just as in our recent “Dragon and Condor” retreat, we will be accessing elemental energies via shamanic ritual, meditation, and qigong. The primary focus will be on our relationship to primordial energy of the ocean.

Tom writes:

“Echoes from an Ancient Future”

Sunrise is a sacred time of day that many of us either take for granted or miss entirely. Each sunrise is a miracle and gift. The power of the east casts away the darkness, and promises us another chance to make the most out of our earth journey.

The ancient conch has sounded who will answer the call?

This special sunrise meditation is July 14 5:15 am to 7:30 am at Lemon Creek Beach in Staten Island. We’ll meet at 5 at the beach at the end of Seguine Ave.

Requested donation is $35. All contributions are appreciated, even if you can’t make the event. Pre-register by emailing rick@nulltaichialchemy.com