Sedona Drone Footage from BumbleMedia on Vimeo.

It’s hard to believe, but our 22nd Tai Chi Alchemy in Sedona is just around the corner! September 16-18. Yes, there is still time to register, but please let me know soon. They need to prepare for us, so we want to give them time.

I have some exciting new stuff to share this year, guaranteed to deepen your practice—whatever it might be. It’s a quick, dependable way to plug into the Big Qi, and it has taken my own martial arts, meditation, and healing to new levels. It’s something your can do any time, any place. And of course that opens door to exploration: What else is possible?

(If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch with me. We like to keep it to 20-25 minutes at a time, and keep it moving. Presentations should be experiential. We want to FEEL you, not just hear you.

But what really drives this event, year after year, is the amazing human connection that happens spontaneously when these incredible people get together. People meet you with their whole being, soul-to-soul, and see you exactly as you are. It’s really quite magical.

Here’s a video about from a couple years ago:

It was a leap of faith to get this thing going in 1994, and I wasn’t thinking beyond that one event. TCA has gone through a lot of changes since then, but the core intention remains: Free sharing of insights and innovations in the internal martial arts, energy healing, and consciousness research.

As the years passed, people wanted to arrive earlier and stay later to share the open-hearted love that pervades this group and to explore the jaw-dropping natural beauty of this rare place. Many of us will be there by Wednesday, September 14. Some will arrive earlier (recommended!).
If you are new to the TCA adventure, here’s the drill:

The actual event starts Friday evening at 7:30 at Mago Hall at Mago Garden. More on that in a minute. As I said, many folks show up a day or more early to get the most bang for the buck. Most fly into Phoenix airport. (We have had pilots fly their private planes to Sedona Airport, but it’s tiny.) At Phoenix, you can either rent a car (or share with others) or use a shuttle. Either way, you want to reserve ahead. (Check out transportation hints.)  Some people like to get 4WD vehicles to check out the back country, but not necessary for what we’ll be doing as a group.

When you enter Sedona, take your time to appreciate the incredible vista before you. It’s a dramatic shift from what you’ve been looking at for the past couple hours.

We’re staying at Mago Friday and Saturday nights. If you come early, try to book at the Sky Ranch Lodge. Call them and book directly: 928 282 6400 Sometimes the online booking says sold out and the front desk says otherwise.

Ethan meditates at Sky Ranch

Once we get to Mago, we enter a time bubble and pack in about a year of experience into a weekend.

But the days leading up take a more leisurely pace: lolling about the pool/hot tub, glass of wine in hand; assorted hikes; great food; laughter and conversation; and lots of hugs. And you can just sit and look at the panorama for hours. The views from Sky Ranch are breathtaking.

By Friday morning there is a pretty good crowd and we gather for a leisurely breakfast (location TBA). After that, there is an optional group hike (TBA). Check in at Mago begins at 3 and dinner is 5-7. The menu is pesco-vegetarian. Much of the organic stuff is grown there. Quite fresh and delicious.

We meet after dinner (7:30) for Opening Circle and then explore some cool stuff til 10 pm. A respectful quiet is the rule after 10. Some stay at Mago Hall to play push hands or talk. (I like to play push hands with whoever is up for it. Just ask me.) Others walk up the hill to the hot tub/pool til midnight. Or you may want to get some rest, because Saturday is a BIG DAY.

There is an optional sunrise qigong session at 6 am Saturday that is always amazing. After breakfast, we start sharing and exploring at 8:30 and go til 11:30. Lunch is available til 1. The afternoon session runs 2-5, then dinner is available 5-7.

Saturday evening (7:30-10) is traditionally energy healing in various forms. Let me know if you have something to share. 20-30 minutes. Experiential. Non-invasive.

Your options after 10 are the same as Friday. Push hands, hot tub, sleep. But keep it quiet when you leave Mago Hall.

Sunday morning is another Sunrise Qigong session with more cool stuff. We like to start the Sunday session at 8. Checkout is at 11. You’ll want to be all packed up already so you can just roll on out of your rooms. A little quicker lunch because we want to start the afternoon session at 1.

We begin with final session with demonstrations. People want to see what you’ve been working on. Prepare a 2-3 minute routine and flash your stuff. Then Closing Circle, group photos and off we go.

Most people plan to leave Sedona Monday am, because the party is just getting started. Try to stay at Sky Ranch Lodge Sunday night, if possible. If you have to stay elsewhere, you can still hang out there til our Sunday Night Feast (TBA) at 7 pm. Many like to comb their hair and put on their finest bib and tucker, but shorts and t shirt work just fine too. Our annual TCA Poetry Reading happens at the dinner, emceed by the Illustrious Linda Addison, our Poet Laureate.

We meet up again Monday early for breakfast and more hugs. Some folks stay for another day or two of hiking and relaxation in Sedona, while others are off in those big silver birds.

We learned long ago to keep things fluid in Sedona, so our schedules are organized around meals and quiet times. The rest is endlessly surprising. Each moment springs from the energy generated by our open-hearted sharing.

Taiji on Cathedral Rock