Eastover Estate and Retreat is a stunningly beautiful holistic retreat center and 600 acre natural sanctuary, located in the heart of the Berkshire mountains. Eastover is the vision of founder Yingxing Wang who orchestrated an incredible ten-year renovation of the entire estate, making eco-friendly choices wherever possible. It opened a couple years ago and focuses primarily on Chinese medicine, qigong, and internal martial arts. The housing is priced very reasonably (by Berkshire standards) and the options range from luxurious to tents pitched in the yard.

July 21-23. Yang Cheng Fu’s 13 Original Postures.

Press from YCF13

This is a taijiquan immersion. Come prepared to dive in deep. My whole approach has been to make the difficult accessible and the incomprehensible understandable to anyone who wants it.

To get there, it requires shifting your energy and your state of being…and I’ll help with that too. I’m really focused at present on activating the SuperConscious throughout each movement of your practice.

We will learn a short, very powerful taijiquan form that I learned from Master Fukui Yang. (He learned it from his granduncle, a contemporary of Yang Cheng Fu.) It’s a great form to know and to share, even if you know a bunch already.

But the real fun of this workshop is the Three Pillars. This is a foundation for any internal practice and immediately generates effortless power, energetic rooting, radical Presence, and expanded consciousness. The Three Pillars are energetic coherence, central equilibrium, and song kua. We integrate all this into the “13” and provide a template to do that with your other practices, as well as your whole life.