Faolan and Zoe Get In Touch With the Water Element

Happy New Year!
What else is possible in 2014?

Many of us came limping to the finish line in 2013 are still recovering from the holidays. So the customary thing to do is to make lots of resolutions for the changes we’d like to make for the new year and start it up with a bang. Right?

Wrong! Sure, it’s a good idea to review the previous 12 months and see what worked and what didn’t. And it’s smart to make some necessary changes. But before you start training for the marathon or head to the gym for a grueling workout, take a look around you.

It’s winter. Even if you are in Florida, it’s still winter. Don’t let the thermometer kid you. The days are the shortest of the year and the energy is ultra YIN. The element of winter is water–the yinnest. Its direction is down and moves toward stillness. Balanced water brings intelligence, wisdom, and flexibility.

This is the season to slow down, reflect, contact your inner world, tune into your hopes and dreams, and gather your energies for the year ahead. Rest and rejuvenate. You want to tune into the energy of the season and create a fertile ground for your future creations.

That way you align with the Big Qi and move with the current. Don’t paddle upstream right now. You still want to work out, but focus on activities that cultivate energy, not dissipate it. Taijiquan, baguazhang, qigong, meditation are my choices. Wood energy will start flowing in a month or two and with that will come the expansion of spring.

This is the season to explore your energetic coherence. For its own sake. What I mean is that you want to make coherence your best friend, not just a means to an end. This is the time to shed old unwanted patterns and create space for the life you want to live.

When you sustain energetic coherence for longer periods, you start to get comfortable in the SPACE BETWEEN THOUGHTS. That’s the doorway to the field of all possibilities. If you place an intention while highly coherent, it takes on a life of its own. You don’t have your naysaying critical mind giving you all the reasons why it’s not possible. Things get really interesting from there.

And remember,