1. It’s Winter! (At least for those of us north of the Equator.)

Yup! January here. And that means we’re in the most yin part of the year. This is the time to lay the foundation for the rest of the year by cultivating the Water Element. Kidney qi. Restore your pre-natal qi. That means your qigong is really, really slow and quiet. Here’s a Water Meditation from Fukui Yang (courtesy of Rabbi Andrew Hahn) that demonstrates the ultra-soft attitude of the season.

You can still hit the gym in winter. Or ski. Or chop wood. External (muscular) exercise can still be vigorous. But when you are doing energy cultivation, remember to honor the season and slow it waaay down.

2. Space is not “empty.”

That’s right. It is loaded with qi. Physicist Richard Feynman said there is enough energy in one cubic centimeter of “empty” space to boil all the world’s oceans. Erwin Laszlo suggests that space is actually a superdense, superfluid medium–more like steel than water vapor. We just happen to be very adept at moving through it, kinda like a fish in water. Try relating to the space you “swim” in as though it were a thick porridge and push up against it, like stirring a pudding. Feel what happens to your qi when you do that. Juicy!

3. Space is the connective tissue of the universe.

When we enhance our energetic coherence (by pointing the index finger, say) we remind our body-mind of its wholeness. That simple action activates the connective tissue system and brings the whole body-mind into a state that looks a lot like quantum readiness. The response is instantaneous in every cell. That is, we don’t have to wait for qi to load up piece by piece. It all happens NOW!

Pythagorus Points

Now imagine engaging space in a similar way. Imagine plugging into that superdense, superfluid medium in a highly coherent way. Could it be possible to create something similar to what Einstein dismissed as “spooky action at a distance”?

Some of us have experience at things like “remote healing.” This could explain how a healing intention can have an instantaneous effect a continent away. Bell’s Theorem in quantum physics states that two particles that have been “entangled” will display similar effects across great distance, faster than the speed of light. “Non-locality.”

I don’t really think that quantum physics provides the full explanation for a lot of psychic phenomena. It is probably much more mysterious than we can possibly grasp. But such ideas provide a foothold to begin exploration in our own gongfu. I know that such “what ifs” have been really fruitful in my research so far.

Keep asking the Universe, “What else is possible?”

Bonus: Here is a video of Li Zijian, reportedly lithe and vigorous at 118 years old. What else is possible, indeed!