1. The quickest, most dependable (and maybe the only) way to access true internal power is by meeting with your whole being. Sometimes it happens by surprise, in an emergency, say, or when all the chips are on the table and you have to put up or shut up. Some people put themselves in dangerous situations just to feel “more alive.”

We’ve been exploring a kinder, gentler approach to getting to that place, and the results have been pretty spectacular.

Here 69 year old Stan Kedzierski demonstrates the power of meeting two much larger classmates. (Notice that he has no trouble remaining rooted even though he’s wearing socks on a wood floor!)

Effortless Power

2. Meeting requires that you first establish your wholeness. You can’t meet with your whole being unless you establish a state of wholeness. The quick way to do that is through energetic coherence. How? …wait for it…That’s right, point and reach with your index finger. A highly coherent state allows you to access energy and information that is unavailable in a non-coherent one.


3. Even if you are coherent, however, there are limits to how much juice you can summon. That’s where central equilibrium comes in. There is a sweet spot there with your name on it and when you find it…ahh…it’s like the tumblers clicking into place for a safe cracker. The door to beaucoup qi swings wide open and you plug right into the mains. This is where the fun begins!

One woman put it this way: “It feels like a supercharge every time it lines up with universal energy.”

We did a push hands exercise where you partner set up in a Ward Off posture and you had to step in and meet them with the exact right energy. Not overly passive or aggressive. With your whole being.

In that place anything is possible.