Rick’s YouTube Channel!


Here’s a partial guide to the many videos Rick has posted to his YouTube channel:

Reclaiming Lost Territory: A warm-up set designed to improve range of motion in the back and joints, while circulating qi and developing good taiji basics.

A Wee Bit of Alchemy: An hour-long online class that explores the mysteries of the internal arts with lots of practical exercises for qi cultivation and good body mechanics. 

Applications and techniques: Short videos that focus on applications of taijiquan. (Rooting, energetic coherence, peng jin, etc.)

Forms: Demonstrations and instructional videos of various internal arts performed by Rick and others. 

Consciousness and Body-Mind-Spirit Integration: Rick gets a little woo-woo and delves into the internal arts as a spiritual exploration. 

There are also short videos on principles or concepts.
Like this one: